I am Clay Coley, and I’m a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Ga. I have been playing and writing since I was fifteen. My music is certainly a god given gift, and I do not leave that part out in any area of my life. Forever I am a man of God, but a very unique one at that. There is a message I am to share with the world, this is the reason I am here.

I aim to demonstrate how a single man can conquer his dreams through walking in the light of God, and surviving off faith alone. Whether it’s under the bright lights of a music venue, or on the side of the interstate during rush hour traffic, there is no territory that doesn’t present an opportunity to be heard and seen. It’s through the relationships that I make along the way, that determine my success. It’s you who make my dreams come true, every day.

I want to show how a musician can make a name for them self if they are willing to be creative, inventive, driven, and inspired in every step taken towards the direction of one’s passion. It’s me and my guitar vs. the world, and I will be the one to win the battle of success, no matter how long it takes. My destiny is written in stone!

Please help to support my cause by downloading the free music I have available, making donations on Clay-Coley.com (coming VERY soon)or by purchasing your favorites, or “liking” me on Facebook, subscribing to my youtube channel, and just simply spreading the word to your friends and family in any way possible. I wouldn’t mind if you burnt a few copies of my music to give to others, it actually helps me greatly in the long run, and it’s not about the money, it’s about the purpose, which is to share the message of goodness with the world.

This life does not last very long, and you only have today to chase your dream, for yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes. It’s your life, live it the way you imagine it! –67